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There are a lot of Louisville based painting contractors advertising that they’re commercial painters. But how will you know if they can tackle your large factory, or your entire apartment complex and do it correctly on time, and on budget?

  • We schedule our painting so that your business can remain functional and operational.
  • We have the experience and professionalism and Howell & Howell knows how to work with all commercial and industrial finishes.
  • We observe all paint manufacturers specifications, ensuring your finish lasts.
  • We use Low Voc, Low Odor paints for your Louisville offices, or apartment areas when needed.
  • We’re fully insured to do large Commercial Jobs, Factories, Warehouses, Shopping Centers, Auto Dealers, –  We’re covered.
  • We have all the experienced personnel that it takes to do large commercial painting project or job.
  • We can estimate your commercial painting costs from blue prints, drawings, or plans if necessary.
  • We will have a project manager dedicated and committed to your job site as well as on all commercial/industrial painting and coating jobs in Louisville, central Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Our Professional Commercial Painting Contractors are

A commercial painting contractor and industrial coatings specialist – we also do a lot of high quality building painting and structural coatings for businesses throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

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