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Our Industrial Painting Project Mangers and Industrial Painter Project Superintendents have over 100 years of combined experience on difficult projects such as, power generation plants, waste water treatment facilities, bridges, locks & dams, manufacturing plants, football & baseball stadiums, and basketball arenas.

When you need an industrial painting contractor that can meet all your painting and coating needs, from repainting your facility, machinery, and floors, who do you call?

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Have questions about painting the interior or exterior cement, cinder block, wood, concrete, or metal/steel walls in your industrial plant, factory, or manufacturing facility?

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Emergency, Fire & Water Damage Response Team

Due to scheduling demands of your customers, some projects are completed during planned shutdowns and outages.   Sometimes an emergency dictates that you take drastic steps to insure your facility in back on line as soon as possible.

We are equipped to handle all these situations.  By utilizing pre-arranged associates and suppliers, we are always available for any scheduled OR any emergency situation.  Many of our projects are completed during off hours, weekends and holidays.

Our industrial painters will work around your schedule to minimize disruption to your facility and your customer production needs.

We can complete projects in phases to avoid a complete shutdown. When you need a rapid turn around, WE ARE the industrial painter you need to call.

Due to our size, we are able to mobilize large crews immediately to your site.

Maximize Productivity

Everyone enjoys working in a clean environment. A fresh coat of paint is good for plant safety and employee morale.   A bright white ceiling increases the lighting to the point that re-lamping may not be necessary. The new look generated from repainting your facility can instill and regenerate alertness and productivity into your employees.

Whether you need to follow OSHA color standards in your facility or you want to update your reception area, our color experts will help you choose the colors and coatings that best suit your needs.

If you have plans to paint the ceiling in your plant or warehouse, it’s a highly cost-effective time to paint the walls as well, because a lot of the cover-up preparation would already be done and the access equipment would already be onsite. Often, once the ceiling is painted, it accentuates any imperfections in the walls. Items such as walls being dirty, yellowed, scraped, or the wrong color can negatively impact the appearance of a facility.

The coating system used depends greatly up on the substrate being painted and the use or conditions in the immediate area of the walls. The most commonly used coatings in plants and warehouses are semi- gloss or gloss white paints, either in an alkyd or latex resin.

Surface preparation on industrial building walls prior to painting can include scraping, cold water washing, hot water washing, dry ice blasting, sandblasting, and solvent washing. You have to be careful with the use of water in a preparation procedure if there is electricity in proximity to the areas being washed.

Lastly, Check to make sure electrical conduits and control boxes are able to withstand water exposure when planning your project (most are not), or accept that there will be temporary electrical shorts in lights, etc.

Emergency, Fire & Water Damage Response Team


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