Painting, Restoration and Wall Covering Services for Louisville Kentucky, KY

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Commercial and Professional Interior & Exterior Painting, Restoration and Wall Covering Services

Bowles Electrostatic Painting - Building Painting - Louisville Ky Bowles Electrostatic Painting - Building Painting - Louisville Ky


We Provide a full array of interior and exterior painting and restoration services:

Interior/Exterior: Specialty:
  • Visual Rollout
  • High Traffic Rollout
  • Preventative/Reactive Maintenance
  • Re-branding Renovation
  • Wall Cover Removal/Installation
  • Line Striping
  • Faux Finishes
  • Front Facades/Pylon Signs
  • EIFS Restoration
  • Minor Substrate Repair
  • Wood Finishing
  • Graffiti Control
  • Ceiling Tile Restoration
  • FRP Panel Restoration
  • Woodwork/Laminate Refinishing
  • Window Coating
  • Power Washing

Comprehensive solutions

You benefit from complete solutions: professional specification design, consulting services and survey assistance.

Paint and Product recommendations to color choices, together we implement a paint and wall covering program that best fits your needs.

  • Visual Rollouts: Add new color to interior features to increase traffic.
  • High-Traffic Rollouts: Rejuvenate existing locations by sprucing up the areas that receive the most traffic: fitting rooms, cash wraps, restrooms and entrances.  Studies show that a fresh appearance promotes increased traffic and sales.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Schedule a regular refresh program, and eliminate the time and money spent on unnecessary service orders.
  • Rebranding/Renovation: Reimage your brand, change your sinage, replace your fixtures…and enjoy increased traffic and sales as a result.
  • Woodwork/Laminate Refinishing: Make your old cabinets and trim look like new again and save up to 90% over the cost of replacement.
  • Ceiling Tile Restoration: Brighten up aged and discolored ceiling tiles for less than half the cost of replacement, with fast and long-lasting results.


Specialty Self-Cleaning Coatings

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Self-Cleaning Window/Exterior Glass TreatmentSelf-Cleaning Window/Exterior Glass Treatment Self-Cleaning Exterior Surface TreatmentSelf-Cleaning Exterior Surface Treatment
Air-Purifying and Odor-Eliminating Interior TreatmentAir-Purifying and Odor-Eliminating Interior Treatment Anti-Microbial Surface TreatmentAnti-Microbial Surface Treatment

Why UV-PCO Technology will change your facility maintenance plan forever

Ultraviolet Photocatalytic Oxidation (UV-PCO) technology sounds space age, doesn’t it? In truth, it’s nanotechnology in action. It uses light — from the sun or fluorescent fixtures — to activate a mineral in our products called titanium dioxide (TiO2). The TiO2 quickly breaks down organic molecules, such as grime, bio-film, smog and VOCs, that are then washed away with the rain. Because the process never uses up the TiO2, the self-cleaning process can happen over and over again, even with just one application.

Complete Commercial Improvements
Louisville, KY