Paint Your Roof White: Reflects the Sun – Commercial Painting in Louisville, KY

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So, this is the deal. When You paint your roof white, White reflect sun like crazy. This accomplishes two things.

First, you save on cooling bills. Second, the light reflected back into space is supposed to accomplish the same thing as taking all the cars off the planet for 11 years. I don’t know the mechanics of this, but it sure sounds good to me.

In all this conjecture, I haven’t heard a single word about how to actually go about painting your roof. If you’ve got a metal roof (and who has?), this is no big deal–it’s easy to paint metal. But asphalt and composite shingles? What could possibly adhere to that material? And what about those granules that seem to be forever shedding from asphalt and composite roofs? Doesn’t this somehow affect the paint stickage?

There is a product by Hyperseal called Cool Top Coat that has hollow glass micro beads embedded in it. This is not snake oil. The Los Angeles Times recently had an excellent article about the 82 year-old inventor, Colonel Ronald Savin, and his work for Hyperseal. Mostly the stuff has been applied to commercial buildings, and it’s very expensive. But if a market for easy-to-roll-on insulating paint ever opens up, you can bet more manufacturers will come on board.

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