Hospital & Multifamily Housing Commercial Painters: Interior & Exterior Painting and Wall Covering

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Multi-family properties such as duplexes, apartment buildings, condominiums and so forth are establishments that house numerous families. However, these properties are just like any other property out there: over time, they will need to have their interior paint freshened and their exterior paint redone in order to keep them looking good and attracting new families to the area. Usually these kinds of buildings have a manager who is in charge of maintenance and running the day-to-day affairs of the building. It is this person who decides when the exterior needs to be painted.

The paint on the interior of the home, however, is usually left up to the family that rents each unit in the building. In either situation, the people responsible for maintaining the paint condition often search for a professional service to do the painting since they want to make sure that the paint job is one to be proud of. Plus, professional painters are able to get the job done much faster than those who are just painting when they can spare the time from their day job and other responsibilities. No one wants to have half of their home painted while the other half waits for days on end to be completed. The same can be said of the exterior of the building.

When choosing a company that can handle painting a multi-family property, keep in mind that you are going to want a company that can handle such a big job. Painting a multi-family building will take at least a few days, so property owners should have realistic expectations of the job that they are asking professionals to complete. When considering which company to choose, they should choose one that is knowledgeable in the type of work that they want done and that has customers who vouch for its work. Howell & Howell is a company that people should seriously consider because they have an amount of experience that most people find comforting to know about. Plus, they promise a professional experience that will meet the expectations that you set forth.

Indoor healthcare environments are critical to the productivity of the staff and the well-being of patients and visitors. In emergency rooms where special coatings help protect sterility; or diagnostic equipment rooms where multi-million dollar, highly sensitive devices are located are not the places to experiment with the low bidder.

How to paint an X-ray room, what to use to control VOC emissions or advice on the proper colors to enhance healing are the details you want from an experienced and highly respected painting specialist.

Howell & Howell knows the details when it comes to surface finishing in healthcare facilities. Whether it’s applying low odor and low VOC/Green Paint throughout hospital common areas, installing RFP board and chair rail in nursing home hallways or supplying wallcovering in doctors offices, Our Painting Contractors have you covered.

Operational protocols developed over our more than 100 years serving Kentucky and Indiana are the reason more facility managers in healthcare count on us. Night, weekend and holiday scheduling, strict on-site procedures, full-time supervision, reliable communication and lots of healthcare experience make our projects seamless, discrete, and flexible.

Our work is not limited to walls and ceilings. Non-porous anti-microbial floor coatings that resist bacteria, multi-trade construction projects and maintenance painting are a few of our painting contractors special services.

Call us now to learn more about environmentally-friendly materials and procedures that meet government and industry standards to complete all your “green” objectives.

“When you need an industrial painting contractor that can meet all your painting and coating needs, from repainting your facility, machinery, and floors, who do you call?


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