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Commercial Painters & Painting Service


 Keeping your commercial space looking its best is a first priority and that is why Howell & Howell Contractors offers consistent quality service with all of your interior and exterior painting projects.

Commercial painting projects are complex situations requiring experience in a wide variety of materials, techniques and logistic conditions. A commercial painting contractor must have skilled applicators, knowledgeable job superintendents and an inventory of equipment with which to complete the project.

Most building owners, property management companies and commercial general contractors require and expect all commercial painting contractors to comply and adhere to such standards and qualities.

Our commercial painting contracting company has successfully completed commercial projects of all types and sizes for over 100 years.  Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Howell & Howell Contractors have undertaken government and public projects, completing them in a timely manner and within budget.

Our professional staff will work with your company to plan and coordinate your project in the least disruptive manner to your business and operations.

Numbered among our successfully completed projects are:

Hotels, hospitals, colleges, universities, churches, synagogues, office buildings, banks, governmental facilities, warehouses, and factories . . . any commercial or industrial structure.

Our professional applicators have coated exteriors of buildings with weatherproofing materials, designed to protect and beautify the building envelope.

We have painted interior walls, ceilings and trim, hung delicate wall coverings and applied complex textures and patterned coatings. There is little in the realm of paint, coatings and wall coverings that our commercial painting company has not accomplished to our clients’ satisfaction.

Environmental issues are a great concern at our company.

We encourage our clients to use “green” materials whenever practical and possible.

Our production planners layout the project to minimize exposure to fumes and aromas, protect all surfaces not to be coated and keep disruption to the very minimum, allowing your business or other activities to continue while the project progresses.

Our involvement in a project often begins long before the construction starts. We work closely with designers on color selection and types of materials to be specified to accomplish their design intent. We work with general contractors to establish a critical flow chart for the project so that our assignment moves smoothly in a timely manner.

Where painting, coatings and wall coverings are the sole or primary tasks, we take on the mantle of construction management, working closely with the owners’ agents, moving the project along to a successful conclusion.

Our highly experienced professionals can provide a quotation on projects of any size. They can assist with material specifications and provide the benefit of our vast background in project, materials and project coordination for your project planning.

So, if you have a commercial building that needs interior or exterior coating, wall coverings or decorative treatments, call on us. When all the aspects of your project are considered, it costs no more to employ the very best.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured 

Commercial Interior Painting & Painters

  • Flooring & Wall coverings
  • Painting for Stadiums, Bleachers and Lockers
  • Touch-up & maintenance programs
  • Professional Painting Contractor

Commercial Exterior Painting

  • We handle jobs of all sizes & difficulty levels
  • Fully equipped & licensed, bonded & insured
  • Mortar joint replacement & exterior maintenance plans

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Getting Your Commercial Painting Project Started

Not sure what your commercial painting project requires?

Contact our team to discuss your options and what is desired, needed and necessary.

Our expert contractors are experienced in designing and outlining your needs into a project plan and executing it according to your schedule and budget.

We will thoroughly review your commercial painting project in advance and provide bids in preparation for fiscal year budgets.

Contact Howell & Howell Contractors to get your painting job started today!

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