About CCI

CCI – Complete Commercial Improvements

At CCI, we understand the importance of excellence with color, texture and the combination of all things for painting and coating and striping.   The spaces where you live and work is about more than . . . just a good cheap paint job.

When it’s done with excellence there is a value to this work that should bring about positive and powerful emotion for everyone who experiences it.  This work has the power to reflect who you are.  It can transform a work place, a business a room from just a place you are to an environment you want to be at and around.

Color and Texture applied with excellence matters – from a fresh exterior paint job that improves the drive by of your business to interior coatings, paint and floor striping that brings about safety, security and a feeling of acceptance making all the difference in your attitude and outlook on your daily life.

At CCI, we’ve got you and your business covered, coated and striped.

CCI provides a variety of services for Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana and commercial painting of the interior and exterior coating and painting of businesses:
Commercial, Industrial, Factory, Warehouse and Manufacturing
  •    Skid resistant coatings for loading docks, steps and doorways.
  • Commercial office paint and patch repair.
  • Commercial ceiling tile replacement.
  • Safety marking signs and installation.
  • Janitorial Services – Indoor and Exterior.
  • Washroom accessories replacing and repair.
  • Warehouse and Factory Flooring repairs coatings and striping
  • Epoxy Patch and Joint Filling
  • Line Striping and Safety Marking
  • Prep for all AB Food Audits
  • Metal Roof Coatings and Repairs
Fully Insured

Our mission at Complete Commercial Improvements, CCI is to capture your dreams and enhance your lifestyle by adding excellence, color and texture to your world.  

“To exceed our Customer’s expectations for Quality, Honesty, Reliability and Value – Excellence in every respect”

Complete Commercial Improvements
Louisville, KY